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Paintings have always been something like magic for me. The act of creating an image out of not just thoughts in the mind but motions of the hand and body has a truly amazing aura about it. The fact that a considerable number of people comment to me at shows that they wish they could paint indicates that there is some primal connection that has to be present in order to make the transition happen from idea to a concrete result on a paintable surface.

My goal is to make that magic happen for anyone who loves their horse and wants to have a forever image of their equine friend and partner. Explore this website and you will discover how to order a custom portrait of your cherished horse (or your favorite human's horse to give as a gift) which will be created using a photograph as the source material. You will also find existing watercolor and oil rural landscapes offered in a wide range of prices. When you arrive at a decision, just click on "Portrait Order Info" or "Purchase a Landscape" categories in the Main Menu for full details on completing your purchase.

My greatest satisfaction comes when I see the delight in my client's eye the first time they see their finished portrait. If you have any questions at all that are not answered on the website, feel free to contact me any of the ways you will find listed in the "Contact" category. Click here if you would like to read a more extended version of my ride on the artistic Pegasus...and thanks for stopping by!


Here I am with my good buddy Billy--the guy who got the
whole horse portrait thing going.